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Toyota Auris HSD

Heart Transplant

Toyota Auris is currently the most complete model in the world in terms of propulsion, for it is sold in petrol, diesel, and more recently – hybrid version!

Considering that Toyota is the largest automaker in the world and the leader in “green cars” production (most models with hybrid drive), it was only a matter of time before Japanese brand started with implementation of this technology in “everyday” cars. The first in this group is Auris, Toyota s representative in the most popular car segment in Europe.

It is no coincidence!

The main competitor of the Auris HSD in terms of fuel consumption and performance is the most powerful diesel version – 2.0 l with 122 hp
In Sol trim level you get a camera for driving in reverse. The display is located on the inside rearview mirror.

Following the Prius Pattern
In contrast to conventional gasoline and diesel versions, Auris HSD is characterized by few details which reveal their ecological nature to a careful observer. In addition to the hybrid logo and Toyota’s badge with blue background, the hybrid version has some aerodynamic changes that make this model “smoother” when it “glides” through the air, which has a positive impact on fuel consumption.

The interior of the HSD version has also its own features which are reflected in the new instrumentation, gear knob and some little things such as different fabric pattern of the seats and presence of the blue color.

What makes the HSD fundamentally different from the conventional version is its “heart”, which has been “transplanted” from Prius. So, the combination consisted of 1.8 gasoline unit with VVT-i technology (99 hp) and electric motor of 60 kW is in charge of propelling the car. Of course, the transmission is CVT, and the energy is stored and extracted from Ni-MH batteries.

Discreetly and Subtly
When driven, the Auris HSD is almost no different from others, i.e. conventional models. The brakes are aggressive and literally “bite” while the steering is pretty light, moderately accurate and not very responsive, but it is not expected from such a model. What is important are the comfort and space offer. The first feature is satisfactory, because the Auris is not only soft-trimmed car, but also quiet above average while driven moderately.

fuel consumption,
CO2 emission,
trim level,

luggage compartment

In terms of space, the HSD version will also be able to satisfy an average user, with a smaller luggage compartment though, which has been reduced from 360 to 280 l, because of the batteries that are positioned there. When the back seats are folded, the capacity grows to the pretty good 1340 liters.

The ergonomics is quite good, and the same applies to the HSD version as we have said before for the restyled version, where you can clearly see the progress in “the quality of seating”. The used materials and finish are on the very good level of quality, and these impressions are influenced by the fact that the test car is in the higher trim level - Sol, which, among other things provides a camera for driving in reverse.

Toyota Auris HSD Sol

Type, category electro motor, synchronous / petrol
Batteries nickel-metal hybrid
Max power [kW/hp/rpm] 100/136/5200
Torque [Nm/rpm] 207/4000
type/seats/doors hatchback/5/5
L x W x H [mm] 4245x1760x1510
Wheelbase [mm] 2600
Vehicle weight/payload [kg] 1380/385
Boot capacity [l] 280
front MacPherson, coil springs, shock absorbers, antiroll bar
rear Torsion axle, coil springs, shock absorbers, antiroll bar
front/rear int.ventilated discs/discs
Dimensions 215/45 R17
Power transmission
transmission/gears CVT
acceleration 0-100 km/h [s] 11.4
top speed [km/h] 180
average fuel consumption 5.0 l
noise at 100 km/h [dB] 66
braking distance [m] 36,8
CO2 89g/km
Price (with VAT) € 25.300

The Auris’ exceptional hybrid drive has several modes, and the principle of operation is almost identical to the Prius’. In the electric mode (EV), when the batteries are fully charged, Auris HSD has up to 2 km range of “electric” drive only, but with the speed restriction of 50 km/h. The car is also “magically” quiet then. However, when you expect some higher performances, it manages to deliver almost everything that is required, but at the cost of the more pronounced “growling” in the long interval, because of the characteristics of CVT (Continually Variable Transmission), which keeps the engine at constant high revs.

The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 11.4 seconds and top speed is limited to 180 km/h. When driving in Power mode, the driver will also notice more “lively” response from the gas pedal that will be followed by improved performance as well. It will also be reflected in the fuel consumption. We found it in the range of 4.5 – 5 liters on average. The minimum (less than 4 liters) is achievable on the open road, but not on the highway, since the gas engine is more “busy” then. In addition, HSD Auris emits on average just 90 g/km of CO2.

Which Version?
Taking into account the values we mentioned earlier, the main competitor of the Auris HSD in terms of fuel consumption and performance is the most powerful diesel version – 2.0 l with 122 hp. According to the current price list, you should pay 23.200 euros for the diesel, while the HSD costs 800 euros more (23.990). It has to be also said that the government subsidies play very significant role here (little less than 1000 euros according to current exchange rate).

The hybrid drive is taken from Prius, and is characterized by low fuel consumption when driving in the city. The engine is quiet, but CVT transmission keeps it in high revs during stronger accelerations.

So, when you draw the line, it seems that Toyota succeeded in an attempt to create “The People’s Hybrid Car”. We would add the Western term to that, but it’s a completely different story.

What is exactly the Auris HSD?
In short, the Auris HSD is smaller, less expensive, and what is very important, less striking car than Prius, and it managed to surpass the more popular model in some elements. On the other hand, Toyota has done a real test with this model, not for HSD version, but for the hybrid drive generally.

Prius enjoys the popular “green car” image, and promotes its owner immediately as someone who cares about ecology. The Auris HSD is all the Prius is but at a lower price and not “shouting it out loud!” The difference in price can be paid on Greenpeace account.

So, who wants one?

The Auris HSD is all the famous Prius is but at a lower price and not “shouting it out loud!”
text: Miljan Terzić
photo: Predrag Rakić
Translated by Pavle Barta
Postavljeno: 20.01.2011

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