About Us

Vrele Gume Media System is a company established in 1993, when the first issue of the Vrele Gume Magazine was released. Our initial activities were tied to the print edition, the first monthly colour magazine in the region, which set the standards of automotive journalism in Serbia.

TV Show

With the print edition as the basis, we expanded our activities into TV production as well. Our first TV show, Vrele Gume Autovizija, was aired in September 1999 and has been broadcast on the national frequency channels ever since (BK TV, RTS2 (12 years), Prva TV).


We founded Vrele Gume Online web site in 2002, according to contemporary trends and beginning of the modern era of digital media. In the meantime, it became the leading e-magazine in the region on the subject of automotive, transport, motorcycles and nautics. We have proved our pioneering and avant-garde principles in this regard as well. In addition to the real-time reporting from all major Motor Shows such as Geneva, Frankfurt and Paris, Vrele Gume Online follows complete array of events and happenings in the automotive industry and transport, both at home and foreign markets.

The First Service

According to current trends, Vrele Gume Media System has turned to show business production in the form of feature TV series „The First Service“, which deals with number of social issues in a satirical and comic way. „The First Service“ is aired together with Vrele Gume TV Show on TV Prva channel, which means that it has national coverage as well.

Social networking sites

Naturally, we transfer our vast experience and observation to a large number of our Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram followers.

Editorial staff

Our editorial staff consists of experienced, creative and proffessional people, who follow current trends in the fields of automotive and media in an expert but entertaining way, striving to make automotive dreams closer to common people.

Our team

Lidija Piroški
Founder and Director

Miodrag Piroški
Founder and editor-in-chief

Đorđe Platiša

Miroslav Šosberger
TV Show editor

Perica Rajković
Journalist, reporter from Paris, France

Đorđe Đenić
Auto-moto sport

Vladimir Čmelik
Marketing Manager

Branko Avramović
Deputy editor-in-chief for techical and logistic issues

Zoltan Balzam

Jovica Grujin
Video editor

Zdravka Dašić

Lara Piroški